This is a Goodbye

Hello readers,

It has been a fun 3 years of my experience. With the Survivor, HOF, posting updates. But now, my time is up. School is more important to me right now and I have to keep up with it. Yes, I am retiring from blogging for good. I will still be on cazmo (Only Fridays or weekends) but not as often. I will still tweet every day if I have a chance. I would like to thank you all for reading this blog for the past 3 years. You guys been a motivation for me to keep on going. No, I am never coming back to this blog. This game Tinkatolli, looks pretty neat. Might check into that if I ever get a invite. Anyway my advice for new bloggers is this:

Never, Ever, Ever Give up on your dreams.

Yea my blog had low hits beginning of the year than it rose up. And Cazmo, please notice that you are loosing users and need to add new cloths, rooms, and quests.

Thank you all for reading and goodbye!


Crab, a retired blogger for Cazmo Wonder.

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Sneak Peek Friday

Yes Cazmos!

I have not posted in such a long time…. I have been busy with school work and cazmos updates have been just okay…  so I decided to post a I am back for today thing …. :/

Anyway Lets Get with our Sneak Peek!

I LOVE the Red one!! :DD

Also Holiday Concert tonight, should be really good so be sure to come at 7 pm EST


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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello Wonders an Cazmos,

Today is a special holiday for Americans called Thanksgiving where we say thanks to everyone for making our lives possible. Anyway, lets get to the cazmo updates from yesterday.

New Thanksgiving Chat Bubbles!

All of them are for non member so be sure to get them!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


PS. New chapter coming to the Change really soon. Gonna be a good one.

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Happy Halloween!

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1,000 days Old Party

NOTE: PARTY WILL BE TODAY AT 12:00 pm cazmo time!!!


Hey guys,

Tomorrow on Halloween, I will turn 1,000 days old on cazmo.

So I decided to host a party tonight on BetaStreet.

Note: If I am not there it will be on Monday, because i could be busy that time.

Be sure to come!!!


PS. I will take pictures

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Far East Movement Concert!!

Hey Guys,

Cazmo Updated Today with a Concert of…. FAR EAST MOVEMENT!

The Show was 17 minutes! Pretty long for a cazmo concert! xD

Then they changed into these weird costumes. And the DJ was a monkey xP

It was a awesome Show!! The Ticket:

Have a nice weekend!



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Happy 3rd Birthday Cazmo!

Cazmo Wonder wishes Cazmo a happy 3rd Birthda for making a great game the past year!


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David Archuleta Halloween Concert!

David Archuleta Concert is this weekend and plays every hour.


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This is Halloween!

Hey Cazmos,

Today Cazmo updated and I really like it! New Quest, costumes, Concert, etc.

1. Town Square updated with Halloween Decorations!

2. When you log in you get a free Green Care Bear Suit!

3. A New Quest!

I will post the Quest Guide tomorrow.

4. At the Body Shop there is a present with a Purple Pumpkin.

5. You can now throw pumpkins!

6. New costumes!

7. Bigdawg Quest coming soon…

8. David Archuleta concert tonight so they set up a Halloween Show!

Thats all for this week




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Cazmo Celebrity Quest guide

1. Go to Town Square and visit Stereo. He will talk to you finding the missing instruments. You have to find the Microphone FIRST. Go to Cazmowood and go to the list of houses.

2. Go to Allison Iraheta’s outside yard to find the microphone. Then go back to Stereo.

3. He will tell you to find a Blue and Orange Guitars. The Blue Guitar is in Kate Voegle house.

4. You will find the Orange Guitar at Jesse James house.

5. Go back to Stereo and he will tell you to find Drums, Trumpet, and that mini piano 😛

6. You will find the drums at Natasha Bettingfields house.

7. You will find the Trumpet at Jason Castro’s house inside.

8. And lastly, the mini piano thingy is at Jay Seans House!

9. Go back to Stereo and he will give you 200 coins and a new pin for your cazbook!

10. Leave a comment or rate 5 stars on the post! :DD

Other News: Starting next month I will be doing Ask Crab. A new page coming in October along with others. Ask Crab is you can comment anything you want that is cazmo related or twitter,Online Games, improvements for the site, etc. I will then answer all the questions every night. This should be really fun and excited about it. The page will be out October 1st.

Cazmo Wonder in the works: I will make around 4 pages this month. Ask Crab, will be one of them. I also plan on changing the background to something Halloweenish? I will continue to post Cazmo Updates (if I like them :P) to make this the #1 Cazmo Site

Thanks for reading,


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