King of crabs Part 1- The island

Hello Crab here,

  • Hits are going down 😦
  • I making a new story and a mini poll everyday! 🙂

Story- King of Crabs part 1: Island

Crab and his buddy Hangman were on a island searching for gold. Crab found a cave and they went inside and searched around finding something to get rich. Crab warned “Be carefull Hangy there is some traps and can kill you!” Hangman gulped. Crab hopped across the traps and found the golden Crab Crown. Crab quickly escaped and Hangman came out of the cave. “Did you get it Crab?” Hangman asked. “Yup!” Crab said in joy. Later that day he 2 went on the jet by Mummy (the owner of the jet) and left the island and went home to Planet Cazmo saftly.

See ya,

Crab 🙂


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