King of crabs part 2

Hello crab here,
I am continuing my story. Poll coming soon!

Chapter 2- Ruby

Crab, Hangman, and Mummy all came out of the plane and went to the diner for drinks and food. As Crab entered he saw his sister Orbit eating a corndog. Orbit finished and left quietly. After they all left, Crab checked on Orbit she had a Ruby Necklace on looking sneaky. Crab came up too her. “Hey sis!” Crab yelled. Orbit with her glittering eyes siled at me and told me about. Orbit gave Crab the ruby and i put in my crown. Perfect. The secret entrance to the lost kingdom of Crab City full of treasure. Quickly crab called his friends, Mummy, Hangman, and Owl his cousin and digged the diner to get to the lost city of gold.


See ya,



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