News and How my name became Crab

Hey crab here,

I was so excited I so forgot to post about it. I got invited to be a ambassador of planet cazmo.


Months ago when the ambassador program got released, I knew someday I was gonna be one. But one day my borhter deleted my old site ( But now I came up with Cazmo Wonder because I always wondered about what happened to my site. Then one day November 24, 2008 I got a email from the ambassador cheif and said your invited. I almost fainted (No kidding). I knew all my life I was gonna be one :).

Story 2 lol:

People are wondering how my name became Crab if I dont like Meat or Seafood. I used to have a old account named Candy. Once I showed it to my mom and she kinda thought it was more of a girl name. So I gave it too my cousin and my cousin forgot the password. So I was just making my new account and I found this Crab at the beach once and it followed me lol. I called him Crab jr and once I left the beach I quickly took a picture on my phone. But th sad news is my phone was lost. Now I can remember the crab lol.




About Ambassador Crab

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