Mimo’s Valentines party!

Hey crab here,

Mimo’s party is here. I think its pretty cool. But I hate the crowds.

There is a new quest. The Cereal is in the Cazmo Lake. The Drink is at the Playgorund. The cat is in the body shop. The cell phone is at the garage. The Goldne Zib is at the Spaceport.

There is two items Blue and White hat and star shirt.


Party pics:






Bigdawg said

  • Jeff and Torgo quest is coming
  • Cars are coming
  • Build your own party with signs and decorations COMING NEXT WEEK!!!
  • Jobs????

There was more but I missed it.


PCAP crab


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One Response to Mimo’s Valentines party!

  1. Blak8080 says:

    i have all teh items, but the bull wont take them so i cant get hte mimo head

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