Updates New game and hats!

Hey crab here,

For now on im gonna rate the updates.

First there is a new game where you enter the percentege of the question people took. You get a lot of points if your close. I wall rate it 6.5/10. What I dont like about it is it makes no sense. Also it dosnt tell you how much coins you get 😦


Next is Hats. I really like them! They are also for non members (I think.). I will rate it 8.5/10. Why would they have winter hats if its in the spring?? They should of had sports hats or something.


Sneak peek for next week:

I think NBA stuff are coming next week. Im not crazy about NBA I wish they had more sport stuff. But who the heck cares.


Overall the updates are pretty good. 15/20! Should of had more clothing. But again who cares lol


Ambassador Crab


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