Crab’s Birthday Party on Cazmo!

Hey crab here,

Well tomorrow is my birthday! So I am having a Birthday Party tomorrow in PC to celebrate it. I am giving away skateboards to everyone who comes. (Not the Tiger Tamer though.) Here is all the details.

Planet Cazmo, Virtual World, Virtual Concerts, Music, Online Games, Skateboards, Aliens, Hang Outs, More!

Who: Crab
Why: My birthday! DUH lol
Where: Club Cazmo
When: 9:15 pm to 10:30pm Eastern Time
What we will do there: Have a dance contest, have a goofy style contest, hide and go seek, and tons more!

At 10:00 we will go to the cazmic diner and have pizza and cake. lol
If you cant make it. Its okay. I will have more parties soon.

See you there!


About Ambassador Crab

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5 Responses to Crab’s Birthday Party on Cazmo!

  1. Ambassador 7ronaldo27 says:

    Sounds Cool Crab What Cazmo Time Is It?
    ~Ambassasdor 7 ronaldo27

  2. tape says:

    Hey cool site, come check out my youtube. If you could Comment rate and subscribe it would be great and mean alot. Thanks.


    also i will be at ur party.

  3. Belugaboy says:

    Happy Birthday Crab! I was there until 9:45, then I had to leave

  4. Paris007 says:

    Joyeux anniversaire = haapi bday
    gives virtual present hehe..

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