Hall Of Fame!

Welcome everyone,

I’m your host Crab. Welcome to Season 2 of the Hall of Fame. This year will be more difficult for everyone. This year were gonna have 12 contestants. Then after each week 1 will go home. The last one standing will win a whole page to there self for a year!! Its gonna be intense!

Agent Cazmo

Baseball Bat

Beta Omer






GI Joe

Black Wolf





So who will win? A old goat? Or a new butterfly?

It’s all up to you. Vote now and see next Monday who the first person  will be voted off.

We will see you all on Monday.




About Ambassador Crab

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12 Responses to Hall Of Fame!

  1. The Gaming King says:

    What about me… hey hey hey

  2. jack attax says:

    OOoooh, this looks fun… can I be in for next time?
    ~jack attax

  3. baseballbat says:

    o.o I’ve been waiting awhile for this! 😀

  4. xD Vote For Me All Voters Get 100 CC!

  5. geez rcd! lol bribe your way into this! and gassp im not on there? hmm 😐 lol jk

  6. baseballbat says:

    Crab says you’ll be in the next one! 🙂 hehe I luvz to write in bold

  7. Kokeeto!! says:

    Sniff why am I not in the poll although I once was in youre hall of fame?? 😦

  8. mikeafc says:

    Where am i lol? Jk jk great thing!

  9. baseballbat says:

    hehe base 4 prez! I’ll give u…cookies! 😀

  10. jack attax says:

    Crab, could I use this idea and put a hall of fame on my site?
    ~jack attax

  11. neeko24 says:

    Aww 😦 I got voted off

    (Ambassador) Netizen 🙂

  12. souleo says:

    looks like fun!!!!!!!!!!

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