Hall of Fame results #1

(Loud cheer from the audience.)

One cazmo will be voted off tonight. Who will it be? We will find out tonight with guest appearance ALIEN CRAB who will be voted off. Welcome to…


(Audience Cheers)

Thank you everyone! Welcome to tonight’s show. Sadly, one person will be voted off tonight. (Audience cries) But we have a Special Guest, that is… ALIEN CRAB (cricket cricket)

First off I would like to congratulate everyone. We had a total of 37 votes! Befoe we start on whos safe.. I have a funny picture to show you all.

Planet Cazmo, Virtual World, Virtual Concerts, Music, Online Games, Skateboards, Aliens, Hang Outs, More!-467

Ok I will call the first five people that are safe.

Beta Omer, Base Ballbat, Paris007, Michaeljr97, and Richcooldude! You five had the most amount of votes!

Next were gonna have a another funny picture.

Planet Cazmo, Virtual World, Virtual Concerts, Music, Online Games, Skateboards, Aliens, Hang Outs, More!-285-2

Now lets reveal the next 4 cazmos safe.

Black Wolf, Agent Cazmo, Knox, and Netizen.

Before we say who is in the bottom two we have a special guest interview with ALIEN CRAB.

Crab: Heyy Alien! How is PC going?

ALIEN CRAB: umm crab I’m your back up account….

Crab: Yea….umm yea….


Crab Hows life?

ALIEN CRAB: Good I guess. You tell me Im your backup account.

Crab: Ughh whatever.

LOL so funny! Comment if you want to be the next special guest.

So.. here we go the bottom three…..Beta 10, Monicaxoxo, and GI Joe. If your in the bottom three you got the least amount of votes. (1 vote or none)


The cazmo removed from the bottom three is…..

BETA 10 ….. Congrats you are safe for this week!

The final cazmo safe for this week (becuaseΒ  her/his birthday was yesterday.) is….

MONICAXOXO.. congrats you are safe!

That means our friend GI Joe will leave us this week.

GI Joes site: www.roblox12.wordpress.com

Be a good solider.

Well hope you had a good day! Tune us next time when on Hall of Fame.


P.S When there is 10 cazmos we make teams. Green vs Purple. πŸ˜€


About Ambassador Crab

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11 Responses to Hall of Fame results #1

  1. neeko24 says:

    Yay! Keep voting for Netizen! Lolz Oh and my backup account (PC Alien) would LOVE to be a guest star!! Lmao thx crab πŸ˜€ Btw those pics are funny ;D

    (Ambassador) Netizen πŸ™‚

  2. I`d Like To Be A Special Guest!

  3. kell1234 says:

    Hey jeff 89 here i want to be an special guest ok well bye
    ~jeff 89

  4. beta10 says:

    Lol great 1 vote 😦 i didnt even know hehe lol but what eva AND GUYS MY NAME IS BETA10 WITH OUT SPACE xP

  5. beta10 says:

    and thanks πŸ™‚

  6. baseballbat says:

    This is like a reality show crab LOL Keep voting for me! Luv yawlz xD

  7. 1joe1 says:

    well this is too bad for me… I DIDNT EVEN KNOW I WAS IN THIS LOL!!!

  8. Masjr says:

    plz could i be the special guest plz

  9. baseballbat says:

    lol joe…sorry u got voted off Dx

  10. lol man says:

    lolz whats this for?
    the best sites?

  11. Baseball Bat says:

    Just people that are the best at bein a cazmo I guess. πŸ˜‰

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