Hall of Fame poll #2!

Hello everyone!

I’m your host Crab. Last time we made teams and we started our first team challenge. I heard Monicaxoxo was inactive so I talked to GI Joe to let him have a second chance and he is so happy he’s back. 🙂

Ok guys the winner of the challenge goes too the…..Purple Planets!!!! Congrats to GI Joe, Beta10, and RichCoolDude for answering the riddle for the Purple Planets. The score was 3 to 2.

The riddle was How did the Picture go to jail?

Answer was he got Framed. 🙂

So ……

Agent Cazmo

Baseball Bat




GI Joe

Are safe for this week. 🙂 So vote off one person on the losing team.

The results are Friday Night. Also you can vote as many times as you want to make things interesting. Im sorry if you dont like it.

Cyya guys on Friday,



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5 Responses to Hall of Fame poll #2!

  1. Wonder Girl says:

    haha this post was a good idea. its very organized

  2. beta10 says:

    Mwhahaha lol jk cool!

  3. beta10 says:

    lol cool RCD lucky guess !! its so easy

    ~ Beta10 ~
    Spread the world

  4. Baseball Bat says:

    Didn’t GI get voted off?

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