Hall of Fame results #3

Hello everyone!

2 have been eliminated in the past two weeks. One will be eliminated tonight om the…


One of the three contestants will leave the Hall Of Fame tonight. Beta Omer is in the bottom 3 once again… hmm ….. Baseball Bat and Knox  is in the bottom three for the first time. So before we start I have to post the concert review.


Hey guys Alien Crab here!

The concert was very nice. It was a bit short but it was fine. Jay sang his famous song “Down”. The ticket was white and blue. Ok Crab back to you.


Ok I will announce the first person safe. The first cazmo safe for this week is…. BASEBALL BAT! (With 5 votes)

Now lets have our special guest: LLOYD!

Crab: Hey Lloyd!
Lloyd: Hey crab! Were friends…
Crab: o.O
Lloyd: What??
Crab: Nevermind. SO whats coming up?
Lloyd: Well Im returning to Cazmo soon with a new item and a little new look.
Crab: WOW! Thats so cool!
Lloyd: Opps I gtg its my book club time…
Crab: Cyya Lloyd!

Ok Knox and Beta Omer. One of you is getting eliminated. One had 7 votes. One had 6 votes. The person going home is…..

shocked-cartoon.jpg (JPEG Image, 424x403 pixels)

Knox…. 😦 Im sorry knox you had 7 votes and have been eliminated. So Beta Omer your safe again. Better come up with a ALLIANCE. (Winks)

We will see you next time on the Hall of Fame!



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2 Responses to Hall of Fame results #3

  1. Baseball Bat says:

    lol we were the bottom three? I thought we were nominated by someone..

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