HOF Results #4

Hello everyone! Tonight 3 cazmos will leave… Who will go home? One goes home due to not blogging about PC anymore.. Im not mad or anything … Its his decision… 🙂 This is the….


Welcome to tonights show! Like I said before 3 are going home tonight… that person is Beta Omer. Beta Omer used to have a great blog about cazmo. I gotta say it was way much better than mine. Sadly, he decided to quit blogging about PC and going on Pandanda now.. So Beta Omer is offiicaly off the HOF 😦 (Plays Sad Music) . So that leaves us with 2 more eliminations.. here is a weekly review with Cazmo Officer about Halloween tips.

Cazmo Officer: Heyy guys here are 3 Halloween rules to make your halloween safe.

1. Make sure to be in a group and not be alone when your trick or treating.

2. Try not to Trick or Treat really late.

3. Always have fun! 🙂

Cazmo Officer: Thanks for reading guys!


Crab: Ok, thanks Cazmo Officer! Now I will announce the first cazmo safe… it is… PARIS007! She had the least amount of votes this week.


Ok here are some random picture…
Planet Cazmo, Virtual World, Virtual Concerts, Music, Online Games, Skateboards, Aliens, Hang Outs, More!-617-1
Ok I will say that the second cazmo leaving tonight is..Agent Cazmo…. Im so sorry you got the 2nd most amount of votes… 😦 Be sure to visit www.agentcazmohq.wordpress.com

The final person leaving tonight is…..

shocked-cartoon.jpg (JPEG Image, 424x403 pixels)

Beta 10…. Im sorry Beta 10 you had the most amount of votes tonight.. That means Netizen is still safe…

Well Beta Omer, Agent Cazmo, and Beta 10 are out. Hmmm lets see who is still in…

Baseball Bat






FINAL 6!! This is gonna get interesting…


Tomorrow or in two days, we will have a HOF Halloween Party.. Everyones invited! We will play tons of games… Be sure to come!

If tomorrow:

11:15 pm (Cazmo Time)

In 2 days:

7:45 pm (CAZMO TIME)

Cyya guys soon!



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4 Responses to HOF Results #4

  1. 1joe1 says:

    arnt i still in?

  2. Hey can i work on ur site?

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