HOF reuslts #5

Heyy guys,

Tonight ONE will go home tonight. It will be a shocker…. this person got 4 votes to leave TODAY.. for the first time in HOF history. Find out who goes home tonight at the…


Crab: Welcome guys! Now first before we start the elimination, I would like to say this…. David Archuleta’s Christmas Concert is THIS week! Get ready… its gonna be great! Check out his trailer:

Ok now we must start the elimination… the first cazmo safe… NETIZEN! Congrats you only got 2 votes this week!

The next cazmo safe is…….RICHCOOLDUDE with 5 votes. Now RCD wanted to tell this to everyone that he did NOT quit pc. So if you voted for him becuase of him quitting. Please dont vote for this bad excuse next time.

Ok guys. Here is a newΒ  preview of a Holiday Video by Beta Omer. He makes one of the best music vids in cazmo!

Ok now its the…


Baseball Bat, Paris007, and Michaeljr97 are left. Before we start GI Joe you have been asking why am i not in? Thats because we thought that Monica would be inactive for the HOF. But this was in the Top 10… and it was uneven if you were in. So you can join next season :).

Ok the next cazmo safe is …….. BASEBALL BAT!!! You had 6 votes….

Now Paris007 and Michaeljr97 have been tied ALL week. Today one of them got 4 votes… and is voted off. I am so sorry for this cazmo. He/She wanted to win this all but its all up to the audience… Personally I thought this cazmo would of made it to the final 3. The cazmo voted off is……

Paris007…… I am super sorry. This is a wrong choice personally but I think they voted you off because of popular reasons… im so sorry 😦

Join us next week for the final 5….. Its gonna get tricky…..



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3 Responses to HOF reuslts #5

  1. Ambassador Kingpen says:

    i wanna be in it xD

  2. wyse says:

    omg! Paris is gone!!!!!!!!!!

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