HOF Challenge #6 and Info

Heyy cazmos!

Well we are in the final 4! Basbeall Bat, Richcooldude, Michaeljr97, and Netizen! Now on twitter I said there was no challenge today Well, I lied. There is a challenge today. The challenge is you must come up with the best edit of a picture of  Town Square. You can add effects and other stuff. This will be due Sunday afternoon. There will be 3 judges to judge your artwork.

Now I also said on my twitter I will talk about a little info about season 2. Well there will be 25 contestants. Way better challenges. Reunion shows every week. Better elimination ceremony. Special Guests, (Mods , Primary Games, Souleo, etc…) There’s gonna be so much more. Hall Of Fame Season 2 signups will be a day after the finale.

Before I go, I would like to say the finale party will be set soon. There will be a sign and we will have this huge party for the winner. During the party I will announce the winner of the HOF. Ok be sure to do the challenge and remember it will be due SUNDAY.

Cyya guys,



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One Response to HOF Challenge #6 and Info

  1. Baseball Bat says:

    Ughhh I guess i’m out then, my laptop was smashed along with my Photoshop :-/

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