Hey cazmos!

Well, this weeks updates ROCK! Here is what it is:

New PET! It’s a Alien Reindeer. 40 cc for non members. 20 cc for members.

New quest! Here is the new guide.

1. Find Jeff at Club Cazmo

2. You have to find Jeff’s CD. The first CD is at the Town Square.

3. The 2nd CD is inside of the Garage.

3. The third CD is at the Space Port.

4. The fourth CD is at the Playground. (Where the big spinny thing is)

5. The last CD is at the Body Shop.

6. Now go to Jeff and collect your free Purple Santa Costume 🙂

Now there is a new item in the gift box. It’s the Pink Santa Hat.

Lastly, the new Allison concert! It was pretty good. The only bad thing was it was only 10 minutes.

I would like to thank cazmo for making a RED ticket!

Cyya guys!



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One Response to Updates!

  1. The Gaming King says:

    Woot red ticket (purple red) but still!

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