HOF results #7

Happy New Year everyone!

Tonight One cazmo will go home and will not make it to the top 2. It was a very close one and it came down to the wire. This is the..

Michealjr97, RCD, and Baseball Bat have made it very far. Now only one can win the fourty cc next week. Before I announce who is out I will post one little update. At the Town Square there is a sign of the 2010 countdown!

Ok the top 2 cazmo making it to the HOF finale is ……


Congrats to both of you! One of you will win the 40 cc prize.

Cyya guys,



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4 Responses to HOF results #7

  1. RichCoolDude says:

    isnt there supposed to be a poll lol?

  2. PCAP Smashaz says:

    I think he was in a rush because he usually says unlucky… :S

  3. Mute says:

    Happy New Year dude. Long time no see 😛

    -Gold Circle Ambassador The Mute AKA Mute

  4. Cool! I luv this blog! Its outstanding! comment on mines Crab. Just click my WP name on the comment I just sent. Thanks Crab. Ur the best1 🙂

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