HOF Finale Poll!

Hey cazmos!

This is the final post of the HOF Season 1 series. Season 2 will be next week. Anyway, the top two is…

Now this is the poll. Whoever has them most votes by Sunday morning WINS! Now I will pick the winner also. Whoever I pick gets 10 extra points. They get picked of the whole season on what they did. So here is the poll.

Sunday will be the party 😀

(Info coming tomorrow)

Cyya guys,



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8 Responses to HOF Finale Poll!

  1. filp`ninecone says:

    i guess base deserves it

  2. PCAP Smashaz says:

    Come on Base you deserve it mate!!! RCD gets everything!

  3. Baseball Bat says:

    Hey this baseball bat guy doesn’t seem half bad! I might vote for him!! ;D

  4. michaeljr97 says:

    wow base i know who won

  5. Agent says:

    I don’t think either deserve it but I vote Base

  6. PCAP Smashaz says:

    Come on base!!!!! lol I’ve voted you 100000000000000000000000 times lol jk

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