HOF Party Info!


Hey cazmos,

The HOF season is coming to a end tomorrow. Its been a great year and excited about season 2. (Link at https://cazmowonder.wordpress.com/2009/12/01/hof-season-2-signups/ )

The votes are in from last Friday and the score was 25 to 24. It was down to the final minute. Since, we have the results, the party is tomorrow.

Date: Sunday (tomorrow)
Time: 8pm CAZMO TIME
Place: Lake Cazmo

Info: We will announce who wins HOF and 40 cc. Then we have a party for a half hour skaing, snowball fighting, dance competion, etc. One person who partyed the most wins 1,000 coins and a AMBASSADOR GIFT!

Also second place for HOF gets 20 cc!!! Isnt that cool?

Hope everyone can make it



About Ambassador Crab

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8 Responses to HOF Party Info!

  1. HelloKittyRox says:

    Going there FERSHURE! …hopefully 😦

  2. mikeafc says:

    awww i wont be able to come. Bed time for me is 5 or 6 cazmo time haha. Well hope it goes well!

  3. BoAtZ says:

    ice skate parta!

  4. Chum235 says:

    I. Hope rcd wins. But I forgot to vote pls put me as a voter

  5. Baseball Bat says:

    Uhhh I can do Saturday…maybe Sunday…

  6. Baseball Bat says:

    Haha I barely made it to the party…that party ROCKED crabby! Hmm why am I calling you ‘crabby’ a lot lately? 😛

  7. RichCoolDude says:

    Congrats Crab. You Are In My Buddy Of The Month Thing On My Site. And Im Your HOF Loser lol.

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