Ice Skates are here!

Hey cazmos,

Todays updates are AWESOME! Best this year xD

1. Gus got dressed up and has his own winter store.

2. Once you buy Ice Skates you can go on the ice and do twirls.

Also three new pictures are on the homescreen.

And the first one has a pic of me and bluesweden watching the concert xD

Other News:

You can throw Ice Skate Parties.

New chat.

Cyya guys,



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4 Responses to Ice Skates are here!

  1. bluesweden says:

    haha, Me and you watching the concert πŸ™‚

  2. BoAtZ says:

    tehehe im there to next to the guy using his cell

  3. BoAtZ says:

    thts next to the guy wit the nerd emotion

    im the one wit green hair

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