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HOF poll #2

Director: 5….4…..3…..2….1 ACTION! Crab: Welcome to tonight’s episode of HOF: Poll of Shame. Same as last week, 10 out of 27 did the challenge correctly and is safe this week. That means that 3 more contestants are leaving the HOF. … Continue reading

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HOF episode 2: Trivia

Crab: Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and girls, today there will be a challenge today about trivia. There will be 5 questions and if you get all of them right you win IMMUNITY (Means your safe for this week.) You will … Continue reading

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HOF Poll #1

Hey cazmos, 10 out of 30 did there challenge this week. Congrats to the ones who did them because your all safe. Now for the people who didnt 3 people are going home Monday morning. Lets hear the judges abut … Continue reading

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Valentines Updates!

Hey cazmos, Yesterday had some really cool updates! First off is the Ginormous Ridonkulous show. Souleo and Black Wolf did a really fine job! Now there is a new thing to protect your password. Answer your OWN questions incase you … Continue reading

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