HOF Poll #1

Hey cazmos,

10 out of 30 did there challenge this week. Congrats to the ones who did them because your all safe. Now for the people who didnt 3 people are going home Monday morning. Lets hear the judges abut the poem.

Agent Cazmos:

P lay fun games
L augh with friends
A wesome mods
N ew updates every week
E veryone is doing quests
T esting glitches

C razy Legs
A mbassadors
Z Imbolofompawee
M emories
O nly game with concerts

The judges liked your but thought it was tiny bit short so they gave you a 7.


People say Planet cazmo is great
they talk and say you can even ice skate!
I would personally call it the bomb
Whenever im on it i just cant stay calm
My parents say its fun,safe and cool
There should be a law place pc and don’t go to school
Even my pets know it cannot be beat
probably not even if you cheat
I guess i am saying its the absolute best
I know I am really obsessed, thus I shall win the contest!

The judges loved the poem. Couple error mistakes but you got a 8.


Dont know how to poem but i know how to rap!
Yo Sup Dis Is Da Good Life, Here In Cazmo
Feel It Comin In The Air.. Uh Huh
Dese Dope Cazmos Rockin Out With Dose Hoods
Fo Shizzle, Off The Hizzle We Goin Down Down….
(beat plays sick beat btw)
Look if u had one shot, one oppirtunaty to seize everything u ever wanted, one momment would u capture it or just let it slip?
His arms fists palms legs weak and sweaty hes nervous but on the surface he looks clam and ready to drop bombs but he keeps on forgetting what he wrote down the whole crowd goes so loud he opens his mouth hes chocking now! times up over, snap back to reality OH THERE GOES GRAVITY, OH THERE GOES RABBIT
Then he wakes up lookin around, he lost now.. he looks around but sees nothing.. as he always wanted but he doesn`t know where he is who he is? Then he meets RichCoolDude, Runs, RichCoolDude Asks Who Are You? He Says I Am A Human.. are you alien? where am I? RichCoolDude then curses that a humans here and says…
Your here In Planet Cazmo This Game Is Over If Your Here TO Attack We Don`t We Spread This World You Better, PLay Or This Crap aint going to work
(Beat plays)
Cazmo? Whats Cazmo?
Yo Cazmo Is The World That Youve Been Lookin For Yes, YOU Have been lookin for this is the real place to be, Concerts, shopping, skating.. No busy life no not on that place that they call earth no. Over here we chill cuz we are da Cazmos We Go Hood We Go Hard We Don`t Go That Way, We Dont Go This Way.. We Got This Free Country Called Cazmo
Glad you here cuz we are the cazmos
(Echos Cazmos)
This World Will never eva bee the same as that you call Earth we are the only Real Humans, Cazmos Things Whatever In This UNIVERSE.

Judges: They thought it was a little bit too long but they gave you a 6.


Cazmo is the best.
Chat, play games, hang, and have fun.
Also, Spread the World.

Judges: A little short and kinda confusing. 5.


Planet Cazmo is the best,
When I go on I feel un-stressed.
Hanging with friends all day long,
The happiness makes you sing a song!
Moderators there make you laugh,
They make you happy and want to skip math!
Dancing along to the amazing concert,
It makes you thrilled in great alert!
Especially talking with our wonderful Crab,
Ends the day with a joyful smile,
That leaves you running wild in miles.

Did a very great job on it. 8.

Two Bits:

Imagine a place where no teachers tell you what to do
and kids playing on the sand dune
Heck! Even aliens play there too!

Imagine staring face to face to a place
where there is no pace,
just like a suprise in a present case.

And this planet cannot be described
and you can’t find the perfect place to hide
in a game of hind’n go seek;
take a look, it’s by the creek.

Where dreams do come true,
like getting your liscense in a day or two.

Well, there’s so much else you can do
Can’t say them all, even though I’d really love to

Lets just say it’s an escape
C’mon you’re never too late!
to pack your bags and join the fun,
can you help me? My bag weighs a ton!

It’s just one click away,
so please stay!
to get away from the hustle and bustle
of all the fustle
from a crazy planet called Earth.

Now’s the time to witness an online birth
to a planet that you can call……………………………
…………………………………don’t worry I didn’t stall
So now I’ll let you know,
about the wonderful world-CAZMO!

Pretty good job. Bit to long but I will give you a 8.


Our play town we say its bright
Our play town we say its light
Our play town we have pcap
Our play town we got the diner to get our tea!
Whether snow or love
We always manage to shove….
Someone out the way
To get to play
In the playground
In which we found
That crazy legs
And his friend with no pegs
Mr oscar the couch
Whether we want a new action like crouch
Cazmo will be there
With no time to spare
Making what we need
Whether they had to read
Or shout, Or sing
We always hear the doorbell ring
In our play town. In which we play
We finally hear what cazmo say
And what they tell us
That wherever we shall be
Cazmo is the home for me

Judges: Pretty good. 7

Lord Nanners:

roses are red
violets are blue
base and crab rock
and cazmo does too

Judges: Ehhh not so good. Could be a little bit longer. 3

Planet Cazmo is a place to chill
Planet Cazmo is a place with cazmos
Planet Cazmo is a place with concerts
Planet Cazmo is a place with houses
Planet Cazmo is a place with Ambassadors
Planet Cazmo is a place with Mods

We got the Town where the Cazmos will go around.
We got the Downtown its a Place to watch Movies.
We got a Frozen Lake where the Cazmos can Skate.
We got the Caz-Rox-Cafe where you can watch Movies and Concerts.
We got the Playground we throw a party Primary Games make it Rocks.
We got the Cazmo Club Where Crazy Legs is found, with his Crazy dance moves.

Planet Cazmo is a Virtual world that no one can beat
Planet Cazmo is a home for me
Planet Cazmo is wearing a Million Socks
Planet Cazmo Rocks.

Judges: Great poem! 9


The planetcazmo song.

Judges: Ehhh not good either. 3


Planet Cazmo it’s my favorite game,
We are not penguins, we arent ashamed.
We are Cazmonians, who play all day long,
You think that’s that crazy, but it isn’t wrong.

We are nice people, we like to hang out,
We make YouTube videos, and thats not a doubt.
We Twitter about Cazmo, We blog about Cazmo,
We help all new players, and we are not psychos.

Cazmo’s our home, Cazmo’s for free,
The mods are all awesome, cause they all drink tea.
The day that we leave, the day that we quit,
We might just be dreaming, or it’s just a myth.

So remember, and don’t forget,
That Cazmo’s our home, and also our friend.

Judges: Good poem 8

As I said before, All of the cazmos who did the challenge are safe. So lets bring out the New Edition of the “Poll of Shame”

Be sure to vote this weekend! Results are Monday morning!

Cya Guys,

Crab and HOF team


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6 Responses to HOF Poll #1

  1. PCAP Smashaz says:


    I hope I stay in

  2. tape says:

    man so close to having the best one 😛 i still cant believe how well you run this competition crab, you do an amzing job it must be lots of work.


  3. beta10 says:

    Well mines sucks lol 😛

  4. 7ronaldo27 says:

    There were lots of great poems here. Its a shame I didnt have time to do one (I coudnt get on all this week) Lets just hope cazmo fans have faith in me lol

  5. 1joe1 says:

    i was waaaay to lazy to do this

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