HOF poll #2

Director: 5….4…..3…..2….1 ACTION!

Crab: Welcome to tonight’s episode of HOF: Poll of Shame. Same as last week, 10 out of 27 did the challenge correctly and is safe this week. That means that 3 more contestants are leaving the HOF.

Well here is the list of cazmos that are safe this week. Filpninecone, Aejesz, Tape, Champions, HelloKittyRox, Mikeafc, Beta Tito, Beta 10, Two bit, and RichCoolDude. Yes, some did the challenge but you had to get all of them correct. Here are the answers of the trivia.

1. What color are Crabs eyes? RED

2. What cazmo concert did we have before Savannah Outen? KATE VOGELE

3. What mod is blue? ZAB

4. Name the 3 types of jetpacks. V wing, Jet glider, Dual rockets

5. How many party hats are there on PC? TWO

Surprised? I thought they were easy…Β but I guess not πŸ˜› Ok now its the Poll of Shame. Since I was busy with school work, the HOF poll is tonight and the results are TOMORROW! Yes tomorrow! Now here is what I would do… Get rid of the ones who never do the challenges. They are no point of having them. Ok now its time for the Poll of SHAME.




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4 Responses to HOF poll #2

  1. Nanna Banana says:

    gaspsness 😦 I’m on there! xl Me gona get out probly bc everyone on there is more famous :l

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