Updates! (Sorry its late!)

Hey guys,

Friday cazmo updated with a new game and Gaga shirts.

1. The new game “Musickia can be found at Caz Rox Cafe. What you do is click on the notes to get points. If you get a lot of points the more coins you get. There is aloso a scoreboard for the top 5 highest score. The thing that should be improved is making it a little bit faster. My rating: 8/10

2. New Lady Gaga shirts can be found in the Hot Deals in the newspaper. There is 4 in total and look pretty nice. Only problem is none of them are red ;P 10/10

3 . Also there is a contest. Design your own shirt and win fame and glory. I have something in mine. The winners get there T-Shirt in Cazmo. How cool is that?!?

Have a nice day!



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2 Responses to Updates! (Sorry its late!)

  1. cheezydudesplanetcazmocheats says:

    where do you enter the contest?
    visit cheezydudesplanetcazmocheats.wordpress.com

  2. Paris007 says:

    wow cool =D

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