HOF Challenge 3

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls lets meet our host CRAB!!

Crab: Hey guys! Welcome to your next challenge. What you guys have to do is find a St. Patricks Day symbol all over the site.

Ex. Shamrock is at the page “???”

Since I am super nice, it will be on a page. The challenge is due Monday night. Good luck guys.

Cya Guys,




About Ambassador Crab

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14 Responses to HOF Challenge 3

  1. RichCoolDude says:

    Clover Is At Page “Ambassadors”
    And Theres Two Crab Signatures O.o

  2. Nanna Banana says:

    The Shamrock is on page “Ambassadors” and you said you name twice =P

  3. Agent says:

    Shamrock is at the Ambassadors page

  4. tape says:

    the shamrock is on the ambassdors page


  5. Shamrock is at the page Ambassadors at the bottom of the page

  6. PCAP Smashaz says:

    Shamrock is a your ‘Ambassador’ page! 🙂

    ~Ambassador Smashaz~

  7. scoty boy says:

    its on the ambassadors page

  8. Jeszuz says:

    It’s at the Ambassadors Page!!

  9. Champions says:

    did i get it right?

  10. cheezydudesplanetcazmocheats says:

    it is on page Ambassador

  11. cheezydudesplanetcazmocheats says:

    Cool Crab! Please visit this site http://cheezydudesplanetcazmocheats.wordpress.com/

  12. 1joe1 says:

    Shamrock is on the ambassador page!

  13. mikeafc says:

    Shamrock is on the ambassadors page

  14. Two Bit says:

    The clover is on the Ambassadors page! =P

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