HOF Poll #3

Hey cazmos!

Last time we had a challenge about where the shamrock is. Today I will tell you guys what the correct answer was and we will have the Poll Of Shame…. 😦

Ok guys the correct answer was the Ambassadors Page. Congrats to the list of winners.

  • Two Bit
  • Mikeafc
  • GI Joe
  • Jeszuz
  • Scoty Boy
  • Smashaz
  • Champions
  • Tape
  • Agent Cazmo
  • RichcoolDude
  • Lord Nanners

Now the rest will be up on the Poll of Shame. The results will be Friday Night!

Cya Friday,



About Ambassador Crab

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3 Responses to HOF Poll #3

  1. Nanna Banana says:

    Woo! Thanks again for putting me in this, it’s fun!!!

  2. tape says:

    Guys vote out the people who have quit cazmo because if they have quit whats the point? They don’t deserve to win anyway.

  3. cheezydudesplanetcazmocheats says:

    can i be on it and i got it right

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