HOF Challenge #4 (With updates)

Crab: Last week two cazmos went home. This week two cazmos will go home also. This is..

Crab: Ahh what a nice sunny day to go outside! Well todays challenge is based on that. You guys need go to the beach and tell me how many huts are there in cazmo. It’s quite easy and quite fun. Then after that tell me the two places you can play basketball.

Here is the list of people still in:

1. GI Joe

2. Rich Dude

3. Hey Hey Hey

4. 7 Ronaldo27

5. Jeff 89

6. Filpninecone

7. Crush40

8. AeJesz

9. Tape

10. Champions

11. 3boots4

12. Smashaz

13. Carzaking

14. HelloKittyRox

15. Mikeafc

16. The Legend

17. Beta Tito

18. Black Wolf

19. Beta 10

20. Lord Nanners

21. Zoozach

22. Two Bit

23. Beta closeyrufc

24. Banzer

25. RichCoolDude

26. Scoty Boy

27. Knox

28. Splashaz

29. Michaeljr97

30. AgentCazmo

Also a new GR show is here with Sacred, Themick777, Night Fang, and Anzer Limos.

New Bargain thing at Town Sqaure. Every Wednesday they update with 3 old items πŸ˜€

Last but not least, there is a new contest where you sing your own song to be in a cazmo contest!

Thats all for now,



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11 Responses to HOF Challenge #4 (With updates)

  1. mikeafc says:

    4 huts.
    Anddd basketball u can play in soulja boy tell em area. Or you can just play in the normal basketball place. Which you can get to if you click the playground i think. And it has the big nba ball thingy in

  2. PCAP Smashaz says:

    Thier are 4 huts, and the two places you can play Basketball are…

    The court
    Soulja boy tell em (Area 1)

    ~PCAP Smashaz

  3. Nanna Banana says:

    you can play basket ball in the bball court next to sk8 park and play ground

    there are 3 huts if your talking about the straw ones but if your talking like that juice bar one too then there is 5 =)

  4. tape says:


    basketball at soula boy tellem area and the court in playground


  5. RichCoolDude says:

    3 huts and basketball court and soulja boy tellem area 1.

  6. Jeszuz says:

    Huts: 34
    Places where you can play basketball: The Court, and where the Soulja Boy Tell’em place.

  7. toobtasticpc says:

    Hey Crab, I’m kinda confused here. Isn’t Rich Dude Crush40? Crush40 is out and Rich Dude is still in. There’s supposed to be one name per Cazmo.

  8. Agent says:

    You can play basketball at Soulja boy Tile and Playground and theres about 34 huts

  9. Two Bit says:

    For the contest there are 6 big huts, but if it includes the small ones then there’s 40 total. You could play basketball at the Soulja Bot Tell’em Area and the Court at the Playground.

  10. 1joe1 says:

    hey crab, wow i couldn’t access a computer recently and im still in woooot!

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