HOF Poll #4

Crab: Welcome to the HOF! Last time we took a spring challenge. Today we will do the Poll of Shame where THREE cazmos will be going home TOMORROW.

The answer was 4 huts  and 2 bb courts, but because I’m nice and haven’t updated HOF, everyone who answered right or wrong is safe for this week.

So here is the Poll of Shame. Vote at least 3 people. Results are tomorrow




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3 Responses to HOF Poll #4

  1. tape says:

    hurray!! so glad you didnt cancel this crab. Its such a great idea and really fun to participate in. And guys vote out people who quit before others please..

  2. Nanna Banana says:

    yeah lol that what i do =P grasias for adding me to this crabby, its been so fun!!!!

  3. Scoty boy says:

    if i make it i am super lucky!

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