My Birthday Party details!!

Hey guys Crab here,

Next week , July 29th, is my real life birthday. Unfortunately, I will not be on cazmo that day. So lets have a party the next day to celebrate my Birthday. We will have 2 different parties for time zone issues. There could be a GIFT for only coming to my party. And I hope mods can come to hang out with us.

Here are the details for the first party.

You’ve been invited to Crab’s Birthday Party! Come to the party and RECEIVE A FREE GIFT! Join the fun at on:

Time: 6:00pm on Fri Jul 30 , 2010 Eastern Time
Or: 5:00pm on Fri Jul 30 , 2010 Central Time
Or: 3:00pm on Fri Jul 30 , 2010 Pacific Time

Server: Beatstreet
Location: Club Cazmo
Directions: From the map, select ‘Downtown’, then ‘Club Cazmo’ in the North. Walk up the red carpet into the club, and you’re there!

Hope to see you next week.



About Ambassador Crab

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4 Responses to My Birthday Party details!!

  1. O.o July 29th is thegamespot’s birthday 😀 HAPPY BIRTHDAY 😀

  2. Ghoni says:

    Crabby!! am coming to both 😀 thats only for you 😉

  3. tape says:

    Will definatly be there for atleast one hopefulyl 2 depends if my super slow computer can keep up 😉


  4. speed4ever says:

    Happy birthday to you
    you live in the zoo
    you look like a monkey
    you smell are too 😛

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