Updates from FRIDAY THE 13TH!

Hey people of the planet, Crab here,

Last night cazmo updated with so-so updates. Fortuantly Jason didnt come with his chainsaw and hurt anyone.


Lets get on with the updates now 🙂

1. Now you can host a party at your house. Which is kinda cool.

2. You can buy for cazmo cash or cazmo coins house party items. Which is okay.

3. HWOOD concert next weekend! Should be cool!

Other News:

Cazmo is having our FIRST FACEBOOK CONTEST!!! Help them get to 5000 fans by giving out this link and they will give away a prize to all who help! Send them to this page: http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=41887435811

FREE PRIZE for for being a fan? Thats awesome! Maybe you get cazmo cash or a pet or a Membership?!?

Thats all for now,

See you guys next weekend.


About Ambassador Crab

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3 Responses to Updates from FRIDAY THE 13TH!

  1. Top Speed says:

    you add me as author then you delete me??? :l

  2. beta10 says:

    Lol, Friday the 13th was the first horror movie i saw

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