All Star Ice Cream!

Hello Cazmos,

Yesterday Cazmo updated with a All Star Weekend encore concert.

2. Lloyd has a ice cream truck in the Town Square and the Primary Games room.

Note: Ice Cream is for five cazmo Cash.

4. A NEW Icon for the cazbook in your toolbar.

5. When you visit your house, there is a button at the bottom saying “Edit House”

6. A NEW FLOWER at town square. Comment below if you found it.

Now here is whats coming soon to cazmo this month or next month or in 2000 years.

Thanks to Closeyrufc.

1. It looks like a NPC of a snail. Possibly a new room coming!??!

2. YES, cazmo this next one is a NPC for the new UNDERWATER WORLD QUEST! woooooot

3. This last one is a new pet coming to cazmo soon. Pretty cool xD

Notice how his name is “The Claw” Me and him have a lot of stuff in common.

See you next Saturday or Friday.



About Ambassador Crab

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2 Responses to All Star Ice Cream!

  1. closeyrufc says:

    Thank ole closeyrufc for the sneakpeaks, Remember that!

  2. bluesweden says:

    cool, i dont think the pet is coming to cazmo

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