As members, you are Cazmo’s most loyal and dedicated supporters! We are on the cusp of making some big changes to Cazmo, and we wanted you to be the first to know! These are going to make Cazmo so much cooler as a game, and we wanted to let you know FIRST! Here is a brief overview:

  • Style Points – Each item for your home will now have “style points”. Your Style Points will factor into your overall ranking and Level.
  • Energy – Most tasks in Cazmo will now “cost” a certain amount of energy. You use your energy to be rewarded! You replenish your energy by either simply waiting, or eating items like the new drinks or ice cream (and soon food!) to recharge faster.
  • XP – Experience Points, or XP, is one thing you collect. This helps you “Level Up” to the next level. All the fun things in Cazmo, like going to concerts, will now reward you!
  • Levels – Levels give you access and privileges to cool items. Higher level items will soon have special attributes and powers.

Membership will still give you your monthly allowances, discounts, and access to all the cool, exclusive stuff on Cazmo. The biggest change is that we will be removing most of the member-only items from stores, and turning them into items you have to level up to get. So we are giving you advance notice! You have one week to purchase member-only items, before they are changed!!!
We will be launching a NEW MEMBERS ONLY STORE in Cazmo soon with special new MEMBER ONLY ITEMS as well!


As Always, Spread the World!

Thanks for your support!
Planet Cazmo


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One Response to Newsletter

  1. Bluesweden says:

    Not really liking the “Level” idea if they have a level system whats the point of ambassadors? Ambassadors are the one who are suppose to get special privileges and Powers. Im just saying.

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