Cazmo Celebrity Quest guide

1. Go to Town Square and visit Stereo. He will talk to you finding the missing instruments. You have to find the Microphone FIRST. Go to Cazmowood and go to the list of houses.

2. Go to Allison Iraheta’s outside yard to find the microphone. Then go back to Stereo.

3. He will tell you to find a Blue and Orange Guitars. The Blue Guitar is in Kate Voegle house.

4. You will find the Orange Guitar at Jesse James house.

5. Go back to Stereo and he will tell you to find Drums, Trumpet, and that mini piano 😛

6. You will find the drums at Natasha Bettingfields house.

7. You will find the Trumpet at Jason Castro’s house inside.

8. And lastly, the mini piano thingy is at Jay Seans House!

9. Go back to Stereo and he will give you 200 coins and a new pin for your cazbook!

10. Leave a comment or rate 5 stars on the post! :DD

Other News: Starting next month I will be doing Ask Crab. A new page coming in October along with others. Ask Crab is you can comment anything you want that is cazmo related or twitter,Online Games, improvements for the site, etc. I will then answer all the questions every night. This should be really fun and excited about it. The page will be out October 1st.

Cazmo Wonder in the works: I will make around 4 pages this month. Ask Crab, will be one of them. I also plan on changing the background to something Halloweenish? I will continue to post Cazmo Updates (if I like them :P) to make this the #1 Cazmo Site

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One Response to Cazmo Celebrity Quest guide

  1. chiagh says:

    but celebrity is not in the Town square

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