This is a Goodbye

Hello readers,

It has been a fun 3 years of my experience. With the Survivor, HOF, posting updates. But now, my time is up. School is more important to me right now and I have to keep up with it. Yes, I am retiring from blogging for good. I will still be on cazmo (Only Fridays or weekends) but not as often. I will still tweet every day if I have a chance. I would like to thank you all for reading this blog for the past 3 years. You guys been a motivation for me to keep on going. No, I am never coming back to this blog. This game Tinkatolli, looks pretty neat. Might check into that if I ever get a invite. Anyway my advice for new bloggers is this:

Never, Ever, Ever Give up on your dreams.

Yea my blog had low hits beginning of the year than it rose up. And Cazmo, please notice that you are loosing users and need to add new cloths, rooms, and quests.

Thank you all for reading and goodbye!


Crab, a retired blogger for Cazmo Wonder.


About Ambassador Crab

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