Hey guys I’m Crab.

  • I started Planet cazmo around late November 2007.
  • I am a Ambassador #41 out of 100 something lol.
  • I dont date online.
  • My first three buddy’s are Ernie5816, SamDaDog, and Nado.
  • Some mods are my buddy from beta and they still are. They are Jeff, Qizzy, Piffle, Torgo, OtakuGarou, Oceanna, Dabo,and Loiosh.
  • I usually go on Betastreet.
  • My cazmo is all red.
  • My first site was planetcazmo2 but it got deleted.

8 Responses to About

  1. Zoom says:

    hehe you dont know me then xD Thats why u didint add me,I Joined late october as idontbreak but i wanted to make a new account so i made zoom by the we i have 500 tickets gotta make a post about me and my site :p

  2. Devi says:

    Lol I finally met someone else who doesn’t like online dating (:

  3. matthardy12 says:

    hi crab its me matthardy i made a site cheack it out

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