Q: How do I set up a Cazmo account?

A: Enter the Planet Cazmo website at http://www.PlanetCazmo.com and click the “Join Now” button.


Then fill in the blank fields on the “Enter Your Information” page and click the “Next” button.

Agree to the Rules and Conditions, click “Next,” and create your Cazmo! Enter your email address, and an activation link for your Cazmo will automatically be emailed to you. Now you can log in and start playing!

Q: Do I need to activate my account?

A: You can play Planet Cazmo for 24 hours without activating your account. Log in from the main page by entering your Cazmo name and password.

Activating your account earns you 1000 Cazmo Coins to buy cool stuff from the planet’s many stores.

Q: How do I change my password?

A: Click on the picture of the jewels diamond on the bottom toolbar to open the Edit Your Account window. In the Account window, click the “Change Your Password” button.


Fill in the blank fields on the window that appears, and click the button to submit your new info. A message will pop up to let you know that your password has been changed.


Q: How do I make my Cazmo character?

A: On the “Create-A-Cazmo” screen you can customize your character. First, click on one of the heads in the center box to choose a girl or boy character. Scroll through available options for each feature by clicking the red arrow buttons next to the title. Some features, like the beard, are not available for both genders.


To customize the color of a feature, click on the color wheel next to the category name of what you want to change. For example, if you want to change hair color, click on the wheel next to the word “Hair.” When the color wheel window pops up, click on the wheel’s outer ring to select different colors. Click around on the Color Chooser’s inner square to make any color lighter, darker, or to change its tone.

You can also click the “Randomize” button, located below the list of feature choices, to have the Cazmo computer design a character for you. Surprise! Once your Cazmo looks the way you want it to, click the “Create” button. Now your Cazmo is ready to play!

Q: Can I change my Cazmo character?

A: Yes! There are many cool looks available in Cazmo stores, and we are always adding new items. You can win special costumes in minigames or by completing quests. If you want a completely different look, visit Dr. Frankenbody’s Shop. The mad doctor will change your Cazmo’s look or add new features—if you dare. Muah hahaha!

body shop int.

Q: How do I change my cazmo’s clothes?

A: Click on the box icon my stuff on the toolbar to open up the “My Stuff” window.


You’ll see a big picture of your Cazmo, with blue icons to its right. Click on the icons to change your outfit. For example, if you click on the shoes icon, you’ll see a display of all your shoes. Then all you have to do is click on the ones you want to wear!

At the bottom of the window is the amount of Cash and Coins you have to spend, which you can use to buy new clothing and accessories at the many stores on Planet Cazmo.


Q: What kind of stuff can I buy?

A: Cazmo stores have all the cool stuff you need! From the latest galactic fashions to the fastest ships in the universe, our storekeepers carry it all! If you have ideas for items we should carry, write to us with your suggestions.

Q: How can I buy new stuff?

A:Check out the Cazmo stores to find new stuff. You can find stores in three ways:

1) by clicking the shopping bag icon on the toolbar and selecting a store from the popup list
2) by clicking the “!” over the head of a shop owner and selecting an option from their speech bubble
3) by using the red arrow to walk inside a shop


Inside the store, you can buy items using Cazmo Coinz or Cazmo Cash. Coins items have purple tags with a coin. Cash items have green tags with a cash. If you don’t have enough Cash to buy what you want, then click the “Buy Cazmo Cash” button.
When you click on an item, it will appear on your Cazmo in the center of the store. When you are ready to make a purchase, click the “buy” button located beneath your Cazmo in the store. You can purchase multiple items without leaving the store. If you already own an item, a “Sold Out” sign will appear across it on the shelf.

store int.

When you are done shopping, click the red “x” in the upper right-hand corner of the store.

Some stores, like the Art and Poster Store and the Vehicle Shop, look different inside. Use the arrows at either end of the inventory to scroll through the available items. Click on specific items to see a larger image.


Q: What’s the difference between Cash and Coins?

A: Everything for sale on Cazmo can be bought with either Cash or Coins Some items can be bought with Coins only, while some items must be purchased with Cash. There is no way to exchange Coins for Cash.

Q: Where do I get Cazmo Coins?

A: Coins fall out of some trees when you shake them. You can also win money by playing games—and other special prizes too.

Q: Where do I get Cazmo Cash?

A: You can buy Cazmo Cash in any store or by clicking the cash on the toolbar. You can purchase Cash by using a credit card, PayPal, or by mailing a check or money order. Please do not use a parent’s credit card without their permission. Doing so may cause your account to be permanently banned.

For more information please visit our ecommerce FAQs: https://www.planetcazmo.com/ecommerce/paymentfaq.php


Q: How do I become a member?

A: Click on any of the membership links in the paper, in the “What’s Cool” links, on your account page or other locations. Select the length of membership you prefer, log into your account, and then fill out the appropriate fields with your information.

Q: What do I get for being a member?

A: Members get many exclusive benefits: a monthly cash allowance, unlimited free parties, special members-only items and pets, store discounts, access to restricted areas and a LOT more! Check out all the benefits here:

Q: What happens if I cancel my membership?

A: You will lose access to all membership areas, items, and perks. You won’t be able to use members-only clothing or pets. However, any exclusive items you purchased as a member will be put in storage for you. If you renew your membership, you get back all the stuff you had before and can once again access restricted areas.


Q: How do I move around?

A: Click around on the screen in the direction you want to go. Your Cazmo will walk toward the spot you click. But why walk when you can use a skateboard or flying carpet?

You can also use the map to move quickly from place to place by clicking the compass icon on the toolbar. When the map window opens up, simply click on the region you want to visit and your Cazmo will travel there. On the lower left of the map window is a magnifying glass. You can click on it to zoom out and see other places to travel, like outer space!

Q: How do I get inside a building?

A: Walk up to the building you want to enter. If there is a red, squiggly arrow at the building entrance, you can get inside by walking onto the arrow.

Q: Why can’t I get inside some buildings?

A: You can enter most buildings, but some areas—like the Neighborhood—are still “coming attractions.” Planet Cazmo is always adding more fun stuff to the world, so keep checking back to see what’s new!

Q: How do I get to outer space?

A: First you need a spaceship! Buy one at the Vehicles Store and then prepare for launch! When you are ready to go, click compass to open the map. Click the map in the map’s lower left corner to zoom out from the view of Planet Cazmo and see outer space. Click on the cosmic region you want to blast off to!

Q: Where can I use my car?

A: You must have a car to go driving on the Strip or the Racetrack. Buy one at the Vehicles Store and make sure it is highlighted in your inventory, then open the map and click on the Strip or Track. For now, you can’t drive cars outside of the designated areas.

Q: Help! I can’t move my cazmo!

A: If you are having trouble moving your cazmo, make sure that there are no speech bubbles open. You can’t move if a character is talking to you. Click the character’s speech bubble to close it, and then try moving.

speech bubble


Q: How can I chat with people?

A: Type your message into the blank field on the toolbar and hit enter. You will see a speech bubble appear on Planet Cazmo with your message in it. Invite someone to visit your house for a private chat.

Q: How do I ignore someone if I don’t want them to talk to me?

A: To ignore someone and block their messages, simply click on their name in your buddy list and click ignore button at the bottom of the card. To un-block somebody, click the button a second time. This will let you receive their messages again. You can see the people you’re ignoring by opening the “ignore” list in your buddies menu.
You can also ignore someone by clicking their Cazmo and then clicking ignore button on their player card.

Q: What is safe chat?

A: Safe Chat uses only the preset questions and answers from the exclamation menu, with no free typing. Some servers are Safe Chat Only.


Q: The speech bubbles disappear too fast! How can I make them stay longer?

A: The easiest way to follow conversation is to open the Chat Box by clicking its icon on the toolbar. The Chat Box keeps track of what everybody around you is saying—so you don’t miss anything!


To clear the chat history, click the pink eraser in the corner of the chat box.

Q: How do I make buddies?

A: Click on a cazmo in the main world to see a close up of that character. Click the add buddy on the far left side of the popup window to add that person as a buddy. You can see when your buddies are online by opening your buddy list from the buddies on the main toolbar.


Q: How do I report someone?

A: If someone breaks the rules or makes you feel uncomfortable, please report them to the Moderator immediately. You can email the Moderator through the red mod button by the clock in the upper right hand corner of the screen or by clicking on the cazmo who is bothering you to open a pop up window. Click the exclamation button in the popup window to reach the Moderator.

Q: What are those Planet Cazmo Rules again? What if I break them?

A: There’s a lot of fun stuff to do on Planet Cazmo and we promise to keep adding even more cool things for you to do. In return, we ask you to be safe, protect the planet, and follow these few, simple rules:

  • Respect others
  • Never reveal personal information
  • No inappropriate talk

Any player shown to be violating the site’s rules will be warned or banned. Repeat offenders or severe violators will be banned permanently. For more detailed information about safety and conduct on Cazmo, please visit the Parents’ Page at http://www.planetcazmo.com or see our Terms and Conditions statement.

Q: What does a moderator do?

A: A moderator is an official representative of Planet Cazmo who helps to answer questions, resolve problems, and protect Cazmo. All moderators have a red “M” symbol on their player cards.


If a player does not have the moderator symbol, they are not a mod. Don’t be fooled by imposters!

Q: Can I be a moderator?

A: Planet Cazmo’s own staff moderates the game; however, you can still help out. You can be an Ambassador or participate in other Cazmo programs. We are always looking for ways you can help us keep Cazmo safe and friendly, so stay tuned for future announcements!

Q: What’s an Ambassador? How can I be one?

A: Ambassadors are players who have helped “spread the world” about Cazmo on their websites and who have been around for a while, welcoming people to the planet. The Ambassadors help moderators keep Cazmo safe and fun, along with performing other special missions from Planetary Command. Ambassador websites bear the Official Cazmo badge and display top-secret sneak peeks at updates before anybody else sees them.

To become an Ambassador, start a Cazmo blog or site, and let us know about it.

Q: What are the Cazmo Cadets? How do I join?

A: The Cazmo Cadets are the eyes and ears of Planet Cazmo. We rely on this elite team of loyal players to help keep Planet Cazmo safe and fun!

To be a Cadet, players must:

  1. have a Cazmo that’s at least 30 days old.
  2. pass a quiz that tests their knowledge of Cazmo. You must get at least 9 out of 10 questions correct on the quiz to pass.

Cazmo Cadets receive special equipment to help them with their duties. To join the Cazmo Cadets, click the link in the newspaper and take the quiz!

Q: What is the “Cadet Code”?

A: As an elite squad of players, Cadets must follow a special set of rules:

  1. Report any players that are using bad language, being mean, hacking, or breaking any of the other rules of Planet Cazmo.
  2. DO NOT confront misbehaving players. Your job is to scout and report. Tell us what bad players are doing, and let us handle it.
  3. Do not make false reports.
  4. Help new players! Offer to give tours to new Cazmo players and show them how much fun they can have!
  5. Keep Planet Cazmo Safe and Fun!

Cadets who break the rules will lose their Cadet status.


Q: Where can I see my badges?

A:Click on your Cazmo to open your player card. On the right hand side of the card you will see a column of symbols. These are your badges.


Q: What do all the badges mean?

A: Players get badges for how long they have been playing, for joining groups like the Cazmo Cadets and for other programs on Planet Cazmo.


Q: Where can I get more badges?

A: Every player starts with one badge: “Noob.” Over time, you automatically level up until you are a “Cazmo Superstar.” You can also join the Cadets or go on quests to earn badges. Watch the newspaper for announcements about new ways to earn even more badges!


Q: How do I text sombody?

A:To send someone a private text message, click on inbox in the bottom menu. This makes your cell phone appear on screen.

Click “Write Text” to send a message, and then select a buddy from the list. When the blank screen appears, use the keypad to type your message, then hit inbox to send the text. You will automatically return to the main menu.

You can also use your computer keyboard to type. Click the phone message screen first, then type as usual on your keyboard.

Q: Who can I text?

A: You can text anybody on your buddy list as long as they are in Cazmo at the time. If they are offline, you will get the message that your buddy is unavailable.

Q: How do I check my messages?

A: Click on the inbox in the main phone menu. There you will see all the messages that people have sent you, listed by date and time.

Q: How do I know if I have messages?

A:When you have unread messages, the phone icon in the bottom menu of the game screen turns green. inbox When you have read all the messages in your inbox, the icon turns gray inbox.

Q: Where did my text messages go? Can I save messages?

A: When you sign off Planet Cazmo, your messages are automatically erased from your inbox. Right now there is no way to save messages once you log out of the game.

Q: Can I get messages while I’m not online?

A: Maybe in the future, but right now you must be online to send and receive messages.


Q: How do I know if I have messages?

A: There’s always a party happening on Planet Cazmo! To throw your own party, talk to Phrux the Fox or click the pink sunglasses icon on the main toolbar. Then click the Cazmo Parties link to open the Party Planner window.
The Cazmo Party Planner lets you plan your party step by step. First choose a date and time, then a server and location.

party planner

Only certain parts of Planet Cazmo are available for parties. If a party is already scheduled for that place and time, you will see a “Reserved” sign.

party information

Once you choose where and when your party will be held, choose a theme—Birthday, Valentine’s, or Halloween. If you choose “None,” invitations will be sent to your guests, but no decorations or sign will appear for the party.
Next, invite some friends to your party! Click on a name in your buddy list to invite that person. The buddies you have selected appear in the middle window. If you have friends whose names are not on your buddy list, enter their emails in the right-hand window to send them party invitations.

invite friends

Finally, decide if you want your party advertised on Planet Cazmo or not. Even if you choose not to have Planet Cazmo announce your party, anybody who finds the party can attend—you can’t block people from attending your party.
When you have everything the way you want it, confirm your party reservation by clicking confirm.

If you are not a member, you may pay cash for your party by clicking buyparty .

Q: I am having a party at 4 pm–is that my time or Planet Cazmo time?

A: It’s your time. Parties are reserved according to the time zone of the player holding them. If you live in New York, a 4 pm party would be held at 4 pm EST–that’s 1 pm in California and 6 am in Tokyo!

Q: Hey! Are people allowed to throw more than one party at a time?

A: Yes. You may also reserve a space for several hours in a row. Players are limited to 7 hours of party time on all servers and locations on any one day.

Q: Do I have to pay for a party?

A: Everybody gets one free party! After that, parties are free for members; non-members may purchase a party with cash.

Q: I made a mistake! How do I cancel a party?

A: Right now, there is no way to cancel a party once you confirm it. Schedule a new party for the correct time and place, and have your friends come to both events!


Q: What can I do on Planet Cazmo?

A: You can play games, win prizes, make friends, decorate your house, go on quests, and lots more fun stuff! Take a skate around Planet Cazmo to see who’s there—and what’s new.

Q: How do I play games?

A: Click controller on the toolbar. Choose a game from the list in the popup window and then follow the instructions for each game. You can also click on game links scattered around the planet, like the pile of tires near the Theater that opens up Ninja Skateboarding.


Q: How do I go on a Quest?

A: Some Cazmo NPCs need your help! They will send you on hunts for important missing items. While you are still looking for items, the quest icon in the bottom menu will be lit upquest. When you are not questing, the icon will look gray grey.

You can access the quest descriptions at any time by clicking the icon. A window will open up that shows which quests you are on, which items you still need to locate, and any other instructions. If you complete your mission, you get exclusive items as rewards. If you need help getting started, go talk to the Cazmo Mayor or the Shark…

Q: What is the Quest Window?

A: The Quest window shows you what quests you are playing and how much progress you are making with them. Open the Quest window by clicking the grey on the toolbar in the lower left corner of your screen. This icon is gray unless you are actively playing a quest.

Once you have opened the quest window, you can see the items you are looking for, helpful instructions for completing the quests, and a progress bar to show how close you are to being done. You can play several quests at once. Switch between quests by clicking the items or instructions icons in the Quest window.

Q: Where can I get a ninja suit? How about a pirate suit?

A: Some special items on Cazmo must be won, not bought. You can get exclusive costumes and accessories by playing games and going on quests!

Q: How do I play music? Can I play my own music?

A: When you arrive on Planet Cazmo the jukebox will pop up automatically. To change music, select a song you like from the scrolling list and press play. To adjust volume or other settings, you can always reach the music player through the “speaker” icon on the far right of the toolbar. We will keep adding to the song selections over time, so there is no need to import your own music.

Q: What are Cazmo Player Cards?

A: Cazmo Player Cards are printable pictures of your Cazmo that you can pass out to your friends so they can join you online. You can also collect cards of all your online buddies. Click on the Cazmo Player Cards seal on the Log In page, enter your password and click print. Voilà!

Q: How can I be Cazmo of the Week?

A: Sign up at the Post Office. Then check the newspaper to see if you are famous! You get one entry in each weekly drawing, but you can be Cazmo of the Week more than once.

Q: What’s in the Theater?

A: The Theater shows sports clips, comedy shows, music videos, cartoons—even YouTube videos made by players like you! We update the movies in the Theater with suggestions made by players, so make sure you tell us what you want to see! Use the Suggestion Box in the newspaper to tell us what you like.


Q: How can I get a pet?

A: Buy an egg at the Pet Store. After it hatches, you will have a pet to show your friends.

Q: Are pets only for members?

A: Nope! Some pets are reserved for members only, but there are cash pets for non-members, too.

Q: What do pets do?

A: Your pet wants to be near you as much as it can! It will follow you around Cazmo and sit at your feet when you hold still. If you walk too far ahead of your pet, it gets sad and cries. You can play Fetch with your pet and feed it exotic food from across the galaxy. Most of all, your pet loves being groomed. Use the brush in the pet inventory on your pet and watch what happens!

pet window

Q: How many pets can I own?

A: You can only own one of each type of pet, but we will be adding more pets to the store in the future.


Q: How do I get to my house? How can I visit my friend’s house?

A: To visit your Cazmo house, simply click house on in the bottom toolbar to open the My House window. You can choose to Visit or Decorate your home by clicking either of those buttons, or you can visit friends’ houses by clicking the “All Houses” button and choosing their name from the list. The list may take a moment to load—there are lots of Cazmo buddies to visit!

Q: How do I decorate my house?

A: Click the “House” icon on the toolbar, then click the “Decorate” button on the popup window. There’s your Cazmo house!

decorate To buy furniture for your house, click on shop Click house or tree on the toolbar to switch back and forth between the inside and outside of the house. Click on the tabs and arrow buttons to scroll through the items available in each category. You can click on an item to get a preview of it in the main window. Its price in Cash or Coins will display at the right end of the toolbar. Press to purchase. On the bottom of the toolbar, you can see how much money you have in your Cazmo account.

but it btn

In Decorate mode, any item on the main screen can always be picked up and moved to a new place by clicking on it and dragging. Most items inside your house can also be rotated.

Click hammer at the left end of the toolbar to show which items you currently own, and also to take those items in or out of the main screen . When your house looks the way you want, click decorate to return to Planet Cazmo.

You cannot rearrange your house when you are Visiting. You must be in Decorate mode to make changes.

Q: Can I lock my house?

A:Sure! If you want to keep strangers out of your house, you can lock it. Click the “house” icon on the toolbar to open the house menu. In the popup window, click on lock or unlock to lock and unlock your house. You can also lock and unlock the house by clicking on the “wrench” button while decorating your house.

Q: What are Star Houses?

A: The Cazmo universe is filled with stars! Celebrities decorate their houses in special themes to express their creativity and glamour! Check out what your favorite star’s house looks like by clicking “house icon” on the main menu, then clicking “Star Houses” on the pop up menu. Keep checking back to see hot new celebrity houses.


Q: Can I trade my stuff?

A: Yes! Click on a Cazmo to open their player card popup. Click trade on the card to invite that Cazmo to trade with you. In the window that opens up, you can see your inventory on the left, and boxes for trade offers on the right. Use the chat box to discuss your deals.


Cash items are not available for trade.


Q: What kind of gifts are there?

A: You can give other Cazmos flowers, chocolate, or an item from your inventory. You can’t give members-only items as gifts.

Q: When are you adding more games and other stuff?

A: Click on the Cazmo you want to give a gift to and open their player card. Click the gift and open the gifts window.


Click on an item in your inventory or a Special Gift. The item you select will appear in the window on the right. That is the item you are giving. When you have selected the correct item, click gift to give that player your present! Players receive a message telling them who sent the gift.

Q: What is the PCGRC?

A: The Planet Cazmo Gift Reward Center. This secret group works behind the scenes to reward good players. Unique and rare gifts are given sporadically to Cazmo citizens performing random acts of kindness and helping other Cazmos. If you help new players and keep cazmo safe, you might just get a surprise from the PCGRC!


Q: Will you put my video in the Cazmo newspaper?

A: We love your videos! We are constantly searching online for creative and fun videos by our players. The best videos get added to the Official Planet Cazmo Channel on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/officialplanetcazmo

Q: I have a great idea for Planet Cazmo! Who should I tell?

A:Use the Suggestion Box in the newspaper to let us know your ideas. We want to hear from you!

Q: When are you adding more games and other stuff?

A: Planet Cazmo changes all the time. We have a lot more games, stores, and features on the way—many of them suggested by you! We are just getting started, so log on often to make sure you don’t miss anything!


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