The Change

About: It has been months after aliens have abducted BigDawg. Crab had wished for a change but didn’t wish for a bad change after his friends get captured by aliens. Will he survive?

Chapter 1: Lost

“Are we finished?” Crab said emotionally looking at the dark clouds with no light. There was no sign of home left, as of now. (Sound of Alarm Clock) RINGGGGGG, Crab woke up as if he had no sleep for days. He walked outside looking at all the cazmos with their drinks having a good time, and he has been sitting waiting for a event to happen. “Yo Crab! Whats Up?” Beta Dante asked. Crab looked up at him and made a curious face on why he said that same line every morning. Beta Dante left to join his friends collecting energy.

Later that evening, Crab sat there looking bored as ever. Looking at they night sky trying to find a shooting star. His pet Horns came walking over to Crab and wanted to play fetch, like every evening. Crab threw the gooey ball out the window and Horns ran over to get it. Just then, he heard a noise across the sky. He shut his windows and hid under his bed. It was getting louder and louder then he saw what he has been wanting, a shooting star. He ran over to his window and opened it up and said to himself, “I wish there would be a change.” he shut the window and fell asleep and Horns was right by him. In the Cornfield Beta Dante and Brandony was there talking. “Whats up with Crab? He seems a little quiet lately..?” Just then he heard a noise. “Um what was that Dante?” Brandony asked. Both boys looked in the bushes until they saw a green figure name Lloyd.

Chapter 2: Different Species

(5 years ago) “Lloyd I sent you here to hunt not to help.” Grand Master yelled. “I trusted you with all my skill and with my brain. I am ashamed of you, and now you must go to exile.” as Grand Master walked over to Lloyd and pushed him out his ship. Lloyd fell into a space portal that lead him to Cazmo. Lloyd woke up after a hard hit and sleep. He walked around until he saw a Ooga, a purple beast with huge fangs and started to run toward Lloyd. Lloyd started to dash and then he disappeared out into 5 years later. Lloyd woke up again and saw these human-pixels. He was amazed on how they looked. Lloyd was taking notes using his eyes as a photographic memory. He then made a gasp noise and saw that Brandony heard the strange soft voice. Lloyd dashed as fast as a jaguar to Crab’s house. HeΒ  saw a door open and hid inside as Beta Dante and Brandony looked around for him. Lloyd peeked out the window and saw they were gone. He then sat there looking at his memory for a way back home until he saw a light. Lloyd tip toed upstairs and saw Crab and Horns sitting their reading “The Change.” Lloyd then studied the cover and saw Oogas on the front cover and Grand Master. “ZStop Zreading Zthat Zkid.” Lloyd walked up to Crab at a pace of hurrying. Crab was terrified of the green alien with black huge eyes. “Zdont Zbe Zafraid ZI Zam Zhere Zto Zhelp.” Lloyd explained. *Knock on door* Lloyd and Crab looked at the door and Horns hid under Crabs bed terrified. Just then, the door broke off and saw this 5 feet beast with purple fur and four eyes. His teeth was sharp as a needle and blood on the teeth. Just then Lloyd grabbed Crab and Hornz and shot Ooga with a lazer gun with the Ooga exploding. Lloyd then went into the basement with Crab and Hornz and started to bleed as the Ooga scratched Lloyd in the head before he was killed. “What the h3ll was that?” Crab gasped for air trying to breath. “ZThat ZWas ZA ZOoga.’ Lloyd put a cloth on the gushing blood of his head. Just then he heard the basement door knock again. It was Closey, the mayor of Cazmo. “Lloyd, I would like to thank you for saving these gentlemen.” Closey looked suspiciously. “But sir….” Lloyd had a sudden pause. “Crab I am about to tell you the Change. Listen carefully and it will help you to survive in 6 days after the Change. There are Oogas controlled by the Grandmaster. The Change controls the Grandmaster. The Change controls himself. These Oogas have poisonous blood, so when they bite you, have 24 hours to live. Fourtantly, Lloyd survived. Now the Grandmaster is someone who is control of everyone in cazmo. Only the “special ones” are not controlled. As you can see, your friends Beta Dante and Brandony are in control of the Grandmaster and when they see a different species they attack the enemies.” Closey explained. “So how do we stop him before the Change?” Crab asked. Closey stared at Crab for a long minute then said “The Change will happen if the Grandmaster is alive. Find who the Grandmaster is and where he lives, then kill him as your talking to him. But be careful, DO NOT TRUST ANYONE YOU SEE besides me and Lloyd.” Closey then walked out with Lloyd and vanished in thin air.

Chapter 3: Trust

“I sent you to be a spy for me, you have failed like Lloyd and the rest. Go on now! I have someone right next to me who is better.” Grandmaster explained. “Sir, I will capture Lloyd and kill him.” The Spy explained. “Good….now get off.”Β  as Grandmaster sat down in the chair. “Now Closey, did you tell Crab everything you know?” Grandmaster asked. “Yes…. I am ashamed….” Closey looked for a way out. Grandmaster pulled out a gun under his sleeve. Closey spotted it and jumped out of the plane quickly as he could. Grandmaster went upstairs into the elevator and then to the Laboratory. Grandmaster then drunk some potion. He then formed into…

“So Horns lets go to the Cazmic Diner.” Crab explained. Crab entered the building but the Manager said no Pets allowed. Crab hooked up Horns on the streetlight and went inside. He saw these ugly looking aliens. “Crabby McPhee!” A friend called out! It was AeJesz. Crabs old friend from 2007. “Hey AeJesz!” Crab smiled as he sat down at the table. “Yo dude I heard that Closey got kidnapped.” AeJez said worrying. “By Who?” Crab asked. “I dont know…., if thats okay I invited a friend over to talk about the vanish.” A young man with green hair walked in and sat next to AeJesz. “Hello, My name is Tape! Nice to meet you.” as he shook Crabs hand. “Now Crab he saw the vanishing of Closey.” AeJesz then looked at Tape as Tape was taking out a photograph. “This is Grandmaster.” Tape handed the photo to Crab. It was a man in a hoodie and looked very pale with dark red eyes. “me and Grandmaster used to be friends until he found out about the change.” Tape answered. Crab studied the photo and saw a secret code hidden inside the photo. “Do you see something?” Tape asked. “Oh no, I was just studying his face.” Crab answered nervously. AeJesz stared at Crab and then announced ” I am going to the Town Council tonight. Crab I think you should go.” Crab looked at AeJesz and then the photo. “Alright, for the best of me.” Crab walked out with Tape and AeJesz. “I got a taxi” Tape said. A mysterious car pulled up. AeJesz and Tape entered in. “Are you coming Crab?” Crab looked around for Horns. “Guys Horns is missing!” Crab searched around until he found a note. It said “Go to the Town Council Tonight! I have a plan before the Change!” Crab saw that the name was HHH. Crab walked in the car and sat down. Tape was reading the note and saw that they left a piece of hair. A clue to find who this “HHH” is. “I have a friend at the Town Council who can help us track this DNA.” Tape said. “His name is Techno Sparx. ” The car drove to the Town Council and Tape, Aejesz, and Crab saw the building was in flames.

Chapter 4: Thanksgiving Horror

Crab looked at the building in flames. He noticed a note on the burned door. He read the note and it said “Come to the Downtown area. By HHH” As soon as he read the note, Bigdawg, the cazmo president walked out of his car and saw the building in flames. “You kids did it ……. guards arrest them.” Crab and AeJesz ran fast as a cheetah and Tape tripped while running. The guards then took Tape and arrested him. Just then some robot took Crab and AeJesz and took them to a labatory. “Good boy!” some guy said as he watched crab and AeJesz lay on the floor. “Oh excuse me, I am Hey Hey Hey, aka HHH.” AeJesz walked up to him and slapped him. “You burned the Town Council! How dare you!” AeJesz yelled. “I did no such thing.” HHH answered. A young guy walked in the room.”TechnoSparx take AeJesz away!” HHH commanded. Techno took Aejesz and locked him in a room. “Crab it is nice to meet you! I am the creator of all the technology’s for cazmo.” Techno then took out a remote control. A robot walked in, the one it saved AeJesz and Crab. “Do you know where my pet Horns is?” Crab asked. HHH and Techno looked at eachother and then looked at crab. “Son, he got eaten by a Ooga.” HHH said softly. Crab freaked “No thats impossible!!” Crab started to run out, but then Techno ordered the robots to take him. “Crab you cant leave its too dangerous!” Techno ordered. Crab then shut the door and sat down. “Its Thanksgiving! Why not have a Thanksgiving dinner!” HHH asked.

Crab, HHH, Techno, and AeJesz sat down at the dinner table. Guards walked in and Tape was there. They put Tape on the chair and tied him up. “Tape meet me in the kitchen.” HHH oredered. Tape walked in and saw a stew cooking up. “Now close your eyes….” HHH pushed tape in the stew but Tape pushed HHH backed and punched him in the face. tape then ran out and yelled to Crab and AeJesz. “GOOOOOO NOWWWW!” Tape screamed. Techno then called all of his robots to attack the three, plus the guards. The three ran into a house and hid in the basement. They heard the robots and guards footsteps upstairs. The Door slammed open and then heard a deep voice. “Dang it! HHH failed. Techno bring you men to Crab house and search there.” “yes sir, Grandmaster.” Techno answered. All the robots and guards left. He then put HHH tied up in the chair. Grandmaster then took out a gun and pointed it to HHH. HHH stared at him and closed his eyes ready to die. Just then, Crab went upstaris and punched Grandmaster in the face and took his gun. “Go Ahead, Shoot me!” If you do Bigdawg will just be captured longer.” “yes my men stole bigdawg.” Crab remembered that Closey said to kill him asap. AeJesz and Tape nodded to kill him. Crab pulled the trigger and Grandmaster eyes started to turn black.[BOOM] Crab shot Grandmaster in the chest. HHH was bleeding all over and Crab unwrapped him with tape. “Thank you!” HHH answered. “Techno is evil. He brainwashed me and all of the cazmos.Bring him to prison, because we need answers.” Crab responded. “Now How do we trust you?” “Because he captured 10,000. He brainwashed 1,000,000 cazmos including myself.” HHH said angrily. Crab and the 3 others heard a nosie outside. It was atleast 20 Oogas surrounding the small house. A limo came and smashed most of them. “QUICK! Come inside!” A girls voice said. The four went into the car. There was 4 other people in there and could on fit 3 more. “I will stay behind!” HHH yelled quickly. He shut the door and got attacked by Oogas. He then pushed the Oogas out and ran inside the house and locked all the windows and doors. “He will be okay.” Crab said. “Excuse me, I didn’t get your name!” Tape asked. “Crabetta” she answered. Crab realized that was his cousin and all those people were Cadets. FBI cadets.

Chapter 5: Cadets

“Did you ever tell your parents you ran away?” Crab asked. “No, I was lost and your aunt and uncle got captured. So, I had no where to go but here.” Crabetta answered. Crabetta and Crab walked in the room where the Cadets were. “Crab this is Spanky.” Crabetta pointed. “Sup, Crabbo!” Spanky said. “This is Mobile.” Crabetta pointed out again. Mobile just waved hey and continued to work. “These two will go on the mission with you to find HHH.” Crabetta explained. “Mission!?! You didn’t tell me I was going on a mission?” Crab yelled. “Do it Crab! Or it could be too late.” Crabetta opened the Garage and Spanky and Mobile sat in the car. “I will watch AeJesz and Tape for you, you go and find HHH.” Crabetta shut the car door and went inside the hideout.” The car drove off to the house HHH was when we saw him. “Spanky, does Crabetta ever talk about her parents?” Crab asked. “No, but once she said that her parents were coming to see her.” Spanky answered. “And then what happen?” Crab asked. Spanky was silent for a minute. “I really dont know.” he explained. Mobile pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket and gave it to Crab. It was a newspaper article of Crabetta’s parents vanishing after they went in the car to see Crabetta. Crab read the whole article then gave it back to Mobile. “Do you guys think that the Change captured my Uncle and Aunt?” Crab asked. Mobile nodded then took a right turn to the house where HHH was at. They pulled in the driveway and took out a pistol and put it in their pockets. Crab took a shotgun. Spanky called the Cadet Guards to come over and insect the house. The guards came in, soon as possible and knocked the door open and inspected the house. Spanky, Crab, and Mobile walked in. The Cadet Guard leader came up to them and said “The coast is clear, no sign of anybody.” “No HHH?” Crab asked. “Negative” The Guard responded. “Well we have to find him.” Crab yelled. Everyone walked around until a guard found a note. “Guys come here.” A guard screamed. Everyone ran to him and saw the note on the ground. It was a picture of Cazmo and showed a X on it. Crab then knew what the Change was. A explosion on Cazmo. He then told everyone and the three went into the car and drove back to the Cadet station.

Chapter 6: Evacuation

“Go faster for gods sake!!!” Crab yelled at the driver. Spanky and Mobile were looking at their gadget device. The car pulled in to the Cadet station. Crabetta and several people were standing outside. “What the hell is going on?” Spanky opened the door. Crabetta took a gun out of her pocket and shot him. “Crabetta! Why on earth did you do that?” Crab screamed. Just then, Crabetta started to form into…… Grandmaster. “You fool, I am the Grandmaster. All these years, I transformed into the Grandmaster. Years ago, I went into a lab and the Dr. at the Bodyshop told me to try this potion to change into another creature. I tried it and I felt amazing. Felt like a new person. But it made me feel evil. Then he requested me to work with TechnoSparx to build robots and guards.” Crabetta explained. “Now put Crab and Mobile in the Chambers with the rest of the loosers.” Grandmaster yelled. Guards then took Crab and Mobile and put them in a car and drove off. They arrived at a lab and the guards pushed Crab and Mobile out of the car. It was dark and spooky with cobwebs all around it. The Guard then put them in a basement in a capsule. He locked the door. In the capsule, there was AeJesz, tape, HHH, Brandony, Beta Dante, Two other cadets. Crab noticed his Uncle and Aunt. “Aunt Crebbie!” Crab ran to his aunt and gave her a hug. “Uncle Crubbie!” Crab hugged his Uncle. “What happened to you guys?” Crab asked. “Our Daughter tricked us. She told us to go to her labatory. The address was here and she locked me up. Crabetta then took Bigdawg and locked him up in the Attic. We are doomed Crab! There is no place to leave.” Uncle Crubbie explained. “Where are the other cazmos?” Crab asked. Crubbie and Crebbie looked at eachother. “Crab, they were exiled. They got kicked out and sent to another planet.” Aunt Crebbie answered. “Well guys Crabetta shot Spanky.” Crab said softly. The room was quiet. Just then Crab recieved a call. He opened his phone and said. “hello?” It was Grandmaster. “Crab you have failed. The Change has begun.” Crabetta hanged up. Crab sat their shockingly as he looked at his watch. It has been six days.


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    OMG! That was really good Crabbyyyyy! Can’t wait till the next chapter!

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    Thats really exciting!!! Im so excited for the next few Chapters!

  9. Glad most of you like it! There will be a total of 12 chapters.

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